Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tips For Succesfsul Ski Holiday With The Kids

Skiing is a lifelong passion that every parent wants to pass on to their kids. You want your kids to enjoy the winter as much as you do and make skiing a shared passion, here are a few tips to tips for a successful ski holiday with the kids.

• Avoid chill weather, probably best If you go skiing in spring. Weather is an important factor to consider will children.

• Chose a resort that is more family friendly. Ski resorts that have kids trails are the best choice. 

• Take your kids for a lesson before you go. A little practice will make it more fun for your kids.

• Make sure they are comfortable and well dressed for the skiing experience.

• Bring your holiday tradition with you. Consider making them your own holiday meals.

• Pack a lunch of a few snacks such as cereal bars.

• Don’t overdo the skiing. Kids get tired easily

Remember, you are looking to spend quality family time, focus on having fun rather than the skiing technique. If kids are not having fun, they will lose interest in the ski experience.

written by Assaf Halkin, traveler and ski instructor.

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